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Maurice Pehle is a freelance portrait, lifestyle and commercial Leica Camera Photographer + Xiaomi Master Photographer and Creative Director at STUDIO PEHLE based in Berlin, Germany.

"Photography means 'Catching Feelings' to me. The way you photograph reflects the person behind the camera."

Founder + Curator of

loadfilm/loadmore & LEICAMAG

My Cameras

Leica M6, Yashica T4, Pentax 67ii, Pentax 645n (Film)

Leica M10P, Leica SL, Xiaomi 14 Ultra (Digital)

Founder of load

Join our Berlin Running Club 

Film Speed Lab

“You are our inspiration.”

Photo Presse

“Maurice Pehle has an eye for aesthetics; His pictures are just as honest and subtil as his equipment.”

AFEW Store

“He is a pro in capturing the moment. His images have a perfect synergy of lights, shadow and focusing the subject.”

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